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Fall Trade Show Season Has Arrived: Are You Prepared

Exhibitors put months of thought and preparation into making each trade show they attend a success. Companies fork out a chunk of their yearly budget to get in front of potential clients. Gaining new leads, catching up with current clients and building partnerships take strategy in order to get any ROI.

With these 4 preparation tips you are sure to attract potential leads to your booth and business.

Tip 1: Get to know your audience

Every trade show is different and draws in a different crowd. Understanding what type of attendees will be walking the exhibit floor is key to attracting them to your booth. Your message will be different for the head of purchasing or an executive than it would be an entry-level candidate.

Know your audience. Most trade shows have an attendee list available prior to the show. Get your hands on a copy and reach out to the attendees you want to meet at the show.

Tip 2: Drive people to your booth

Pre-show marketing is extremely important in driving traffic to your booth during exhibit hours. Let your audience know you are at the show and that visiting your booth is worth their time. Try setting up one-on-one appointments during the show so your potential leads feel they have your undivided attention.

Tip 3: Get creative with your giveaways

Make sure you have promotional products to hand to any potential lead. Your company logo and your contact information should be on each product you hand them. You want each of your leads to be able to easily contact you when the show is over. Keep in mind when picking a trade show giveaway, make sure your giveaway is different and useful. You don’t want to spend all this money on a low budget item that will just be toss into the trashcan. Make sure your quality leads leave with a nice product they will use more than once! Here are some creative product ideas for your next trade show.

The Custom Precision Stylus/Pen/LED Light is a quality pen that will become the attendees’ favorite writing instrument. Although a bit more expensive, this quality, multi-purpose pen is sure to impress attendees.

16 oz. Double Lid Hot/Cold Tumbler comes in 8 different bright colors. Place some candy and your business card in the tumbler for a nice presentation.

Our Performance Quick Series cap is a trendy, quality cap that everyone will love. Choose from a variety of color options and embroidery locations to make a truly custom cap no other vendor will have!

In need of some new branded trade show and conference supplies? Look no further than right here!

How to Brand Holiday Gifts For Employees and Clients

We all want to give our customers and employees an end-of-the-year gift to show gratitude for their business and service. We want to give them a valuable gift that they find useful.  If you just wrap your most recent promo piece in holiday wrapping paper and hand it over you may come off as lazy or overly aggressive to your clients.

Branding holiday gifts for customers and employees without being overtly promotional can be challenging; however, with these subtle branding tips your customers and clients will be excited and appreciative.

Tips on branding holiday gifts

Find a product that has a stamping or deboss imprint option

Stamping or deboss decoration is traditionally on leather or simulated leather. The logo is depressed (debossed) onto the material surface utilizing heat, pressure and/or radio frequency. A crisp debossed logo adds a high perceived and lasting value to everyday items.  Our Pedova Soft Bound JournalBook, Isaac Mizrahi™ Sloan Computer Bag or Hampton 15 oz Tumbler are perfect products with a deboss imprint option.

Choose a tone on tone thread color with embroidered apparel

A nice embroidered apparel piece makes a perfect holiday gift for your employees or top clients. When it comes to the embroidery of your apparel, try a tone on tone thread color. Choosing a thread color that is a shade or two darker than the apparel piece is a subtle way to add your brand. Try adding your logo to a popular retail brand like Under Armour, Nike or Adidas and everyone will want one!

Personalize Your Gift

Adding an employee’s initials or name will add extra meaning behind the gift. Especially when giving the same gift to multiple people in an organization, personalization helps differentiate each gift. Our Tervis Water Bottle allows you to add cool art and personalization to each drinkware.

Now that you know how to brand promotional products in a subtle way, giving holiday gifts to your employees and customers will be a breeze.

Need help finding that perfect holiday gift that stands out? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide or call a product specialist at 1-877-634-3499 for creative ideas to say thank you this holiday season.

The perfect products for under 2.00

Can you buy a nice gift for under $2?

It seems difficult nowadays, but it’s actually quite possible and can be a lot of fun. Buy your stressed-out co-worker a coffee. Tell someone thank you for a job well done with a candy bar. Pay-it forward at lunch by treating a stranger to dessert.

The gift of giving doesn’t need to be expensive. Make it fun, make it something useful or enjoyable and you’re sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

Use this same philosophy when you are selecting promotional items that must fit a budget. Add a little fun, get creative or simply just say, “thank you, this is for you.” 

How can you effectively brand and use these top items for under $2?

      Give a 20-oz sports bottle to employees as the company starts a new health initiative. Add a healthy granola bar or pack of nuts to help show the company’s support for employee wellness.

      At your next tradeshow, have a gift for parents to give their kids. Logo a Sports pack drawstring backpack in school colors or any bright color, even put your name in a fun kid font. Whether throwing in soccer cleats or a stuffed animal, kids of all ages love these lightweight backpacks.

Think outside the box when you’re planning and purchasing promotional products for your next company initiative, event or tradeshow. There are many unique ways that can make your company stand out and help expand your brand reach. No matter the price, the right promotional product can be priceless.

Here’s a few more hot, under $2, items: sticky notes, a USB vehicle charger and a top-selling ballpoint pen with Comfort Zone grip that comes in several colors.

Need a little help finding that perfect promotional product that stands out? Check out Studio Elevens vast selection or call a product specialist at 1-877-634-3499 for creative ideas, the latest trends and the newest products to hit the market.

What's the No. 1 Growing Advertising Medium

Using promotional products is the fourth fastest-growing advertising medium. They’re behind mobile phone advertising at No. 1 (no surprise there!) and then the internet and product placement.

Why do promotional products still work?

Answer: Consumer recall and response.

Basically, people love free stuff! They can hold a pen in their hand, they use a cell phone charger, they wear a T-shirt, they take an umbrella with them--Promotional products are tangible items creating an experience and therefore, increasing message recall.

A trend analysis of Promotional Products Association International data over the past three decades demonstrates why advertisers have made promotional products the fourth-fastest growing advertising medium and sixth highest ranked medium among traditional and digital media.

Check out these stats:

      Eight in 10 consumers own between one and 10 promotional products

      Six in 10 consumers keep them for up to two years

      Wearables and drinkware rank as some of the most often recalled promotional products. Who couldn’t use a cotton-poly T-Shirt or hot and cold tumbler?

      About half (53%) of consumers use a promo item at least once a week or more often 

      The primary reason for keeping a promotional product is usefulness

      88% of consumers recalled the advertiser from a promotional product received

Studio Eleven provides high quality and affordable promotional products and corporate apparel. With a vast selection of 900,000+ products, experienced promotional product specialists and customer care representatives work with you to find the products that best fit your company, your consumers and your employees.

Source:  Three decades of data and analysis compiled by PPAI and researchers at Georgia Southern University, Louisiana State University, Baylor University, Southern Methodist University, Relevant Insights, Ernst & Ernst, Calendar Advertising Council and MarketTools, Inc.

Choosing the Right Promo Product With Confidence

With hundreds of thousands of options available in promotional products, it can be difficult choosing an item. And even if you narrow it down to a couple items, how do you choose the right product with confidence?

Use these 3 tips to help you make the right pick with confidence:

1. Match the product to your target audience.

If the products are intended for a specific group, you’ll want something specialized for their needs. For example, if your sponsoring a 5K run or putting on an employee health fair, a logoed light-up safety shoe clip would be a hit. It’s lightweight and easily attaches to the heel of most running shoes. Perfect for running, walking, biking and other outdoor activities.

Use proven statistics to help find the item that matches your audience. The Global Advertising Specialties 2016 study found women are more likely to keep a branded pen, while men are more likely to hang onto a branded USB. Check out the stats:

      Who’s most likely to own a branded pen? Women, 54%

      Who’s most likely to own branded USB? Men, 50%

      Who’s most likely to own a branded T-shirt? Ages 18-34, 56%

2. Coordinate the product with the event or marketing tactic.

Just like some products fit a certain goal better than others, the same holds true for tactics. The right promotional product aligned with the right tactic can be a surefire hit!

Think about your overall goal. Do you want your message to spread or to be something the same person will look at every day? Items like pens and pencils get passed around quite often, while an office accessory would be seen by your customer several days a week. Consider which type of advertising you are hoping to do and be sure your item goes along with your goals.

Check out what promotional products best suit these events:

      Trade Shows. Promotional items at trade shows can help your company gain exposure and leads toward new sales. Bags, such as a reusable mini tote, are very effective for trade shows as customers will use them at the trade show and several times after.

      Customer Events. Satisfied customers can be your No. 1 advocate. Shower them with free stuff they will wear, such as polo shirts and jackets, and let them help promote your company.

      Employee Events. Along with satisfied customers, you also want your employees to be top advocates. Hot items for employees are often coolers, speakers, water bottles and other top-quality items.

      Community/PR Events. Show your support for your community, an event or organization through donated promotional items that organizers can give away. Provide event T-shirts with your brand logo and message, or give away a cooler filled with other branded items.

3. Use the experts.

That’s what they are there for! Share your overall goal, target audience and how you plan to use promotional products with your product representative as you begin selecting products. A promotional company should have customer representatives who are skilled in providing guidance and new ideas for product selection. Let them help you select the right product with confidence.

Studio Eleven provides high quality and affordable promotional products and corporate apparel. With a vast selection of 900,000+ products, experienced promotional product specialists and customer care representatives work with you to find the products that best fit your company, your consumers and your employees.

The ROI of Promo Products

Do you worry that promotional products just get thrown away? Do you often wonder what the ROI on promotional products is anyway?

Check out these stats and information from the Global Advertising Specialties 2016 study to help find the ROI on the promotional products you’re using:

What products have the longest shelf life with customers?

       Umbrellas – 14 months

      Mobile power banks – 12 months

      Outerwear and fleece – 9 months

      USB drives – 8 months

      Drinkware – 8 months

You want customers to take your product home with them, keep it and use it repeatedly in front of their friends and others in their business. By placing your logo on quality, worthwhile products, you gain customer trust and loyalty while strengthening your brand presence.

What products are “keepers” for U.S. consumers?

      57% own a promotional shirts

      53% own promotional drinkware

      50% own a promotional writing instrument

      41% own promotional desk/office accessories. Most of these products owners are millennials

Another interesting statistic: Midwesterners have the most branded products in their procession with the average of 11 products each. Across the U.S., the average per person owns 9.8 products. And even more impressive, 95% of Midwesterners with a promotional T-shirt recalled the advertiser on the shirt!

What products have the lowest cost per impression?

Promotional products are a great way to blast out your brand name and logo to a targeted mass audience, as they have a much lower cost per impression (CPI) than prime-time television advertising, magazine advertising and newspaper ads. A large portion of your budget could be eaten up in one 30-second television ad, while a logoed pen cost 1/10th of a cent per impression

Plus, promotional products provide opportunity for active engagement, such as storing your sales proposal on a branded USB drive for a prospective customer, whereas you can’t get that with a newspaper ad.

Promotional items that deliver some of the highest number of impressions are bags, hats and writing instruments.

Are you looking for high quality, branded products and top-notch customer care? Contact Studio Eleven Promotional Products at 877-634-3499. 

How to Decorate Custom Tervis Tumblers

Tervis® has been a well-known American brand since 1946 and we offer unique customization options for many of its products.

There is something about a “Made in the USA” stamp that increases the perceived value of any product. People tend to hold on to those products and take pride in them. Many of our clients look to find nice, quality products to give to employees and clients that are made right here in the United States.

Custom Tervis tumblers make the perfect giveaways for:
-Employee Recognition Programs
-Custom Appreciation Programs
-Green Initiatives
-Sponsorship Gifts
-Corporate Incentives
-Event Giveaways
-Company Outings

At Studio Eleven, we make customizing your Tervis tumblers easy and seamless. Below is our 4 step process for decorating a Tervis tumbler.

Step 1. Choose Your Decoration Method

We offer three different decoration options for any of our tervis drinkware. Choose from an embroidery patch, an enhanced embroidery patch or a full color wrap.

-Embroidery Patch: The art of decorating fabric with needle and thread will give your logo or design a unique high-end look. A Tervis classic, embroidery is detailed, yet still bright and fun! Dimensions are 2.5"H x 2.5" W. 1 to 4 spot colors or 4-color process available. Color options up to 10 thread colors available.

-Enhanced Embroidery Patch: Perfect for artwork with small copy and fine detail that cannot be reproduced with traditional embroidery. Our method of dye sublimation provides greater detail and color by printing directly on a woven fabric patch. Dimensions are 2.5"H x 2.5"W.

-Full Color Wrap: Wraps can really bring your message to light, rounding out the entire design and giving it the impact it deserves. Digitally printed on durable acetate film that allows for high resolution, full color photo quality images and logo. Dimensions are 360 degrees (round). Color options 1 to 4 spot colors or 4-color process available.

Step 2. Create Your Design

One of our experienced graphic designer will work with you to create a custom design that truly captures your company message and brand.  If you want to take your design to the next level, consider our Jewel Collection. Tervis' rich jewel tones are another brilliant option to showcase your brand. Choose from bright colors as show below.

Step 3. Add Your Tumbler Accessories 

Don’t stop at the design. Take your Tervis tumbler one step further by adding an accessory! We offer handles, lids and straws that can be added to most of our Tervis drinkware products.

-Handles: These convenient handles slip on easily, ensuring smooth operation and a comfy fit in cup holders. Available in 16oz or 24oz, choose from 7 bold color options. 

-Lids: Tervis lids aren’t merely lids, they’re secure-fitting, colorful and reusable spill minimizers that allow maximum enjoyment by ensuring every last drop will not be lost or wasted.

-Straws: These straws are colorful and reusable drink delivery systems that allow maximum enjoyment by ensuring no drop is left at the bottom. One size fits all tumbler lid sizes. Available in clear 6-packs or assorted color 6-packs.

Step 4. Enjoy!

Once you've chosen all your decoration options, your custom Tervis tumblers are produced and shipped directly to you.

Interesting in custom Tervis tumblers and drinkware? Click here to start shopping in our Tervis store today!

Dress Your Team and Company for Success

Many forward-thinking companies today are providing employees with branded clothing as a hiring perk or even a performance bonus.

Not only is a benefit to employees as it helps keep their out-of-pocket clothing expense down, it also helps promote your company and create a polished look in the office. The days of sporting a suit to work are gone for most industries, so establish standards for what is business-appropriate clothing today. Use the guidelines below, and don’t miss the clothing tips for items that would make great branded pieces for your team.

Business Professional

When you dress business professional, you are wearing generally conservative clothing to portray yourself in a professional manner. Women should wear a skirt or pants suit with heels while men may wear a blazer or suit jacket, button down shirt, suit pants, a tie and dress shoes.

Clothing Tip: Brand a long-sleeve, wrinkle-free office shirt, such as the Port Authority Long Sleeve Gingham Easy Care Shirt. This gingham check pattern is modern, office-ready and can help promote your company when imprinted with your company name and logo.

For women, go with a blazer such as the Port Authority Ladies' Fleece Blazer. They can dress it up or down as this fleece blazer creates a polished look and can easily be branded.

Business Casual

When the dress code for your company is business casual, it simply means you do not need to wear a suit. However, it does not call for casual attire such as jeans and T-shirts. Women typically wear a collared shirt or sweater with dress pants and dress shoes. A man’s option for business casual includes a polo shirt, collared shirt or sweater and khaki or dress pants.

Clothing Tip: Create performance bonuses that reward employees with clothing, such as the Port Authority Diamond Jacquard Polo. Sleek self-fabric shoulder and side panel piecing on this option makes it perfect in or out of the office.

Small Business Casual

If your small business office has a casual dress code, you need to specify what is acceptable for staff to wear. Casual should not mean sloppy, inappropriate clothing, stained nor offensive attire. Examples of acceptable clothing pieces could include well-tailored jeans, casual blouses and fitted jackets.

Clothing Tip: Set an annual clothing allowance for employees to select branded clothing that suits their style and body type. Some great options that employees will love for both casual Fridays and outside the office are the Nike Dri-Fit 1/2-Zip for women and the Port Authority Soft Shell Bomber Jacket for men.

With more than 900,000 promotional products, Studio Eleven is dedicated to helping you find the perfect promotional product to represent your company. Visit us online here or call our product specialist today at 877-634-3499.

Amazing Promotional Product Ideas for a Limited Budget

Need a promotional product in a jiffy? And one that doesn’t break the bank?

Check out our top 3 promotional items for under $10, under $5, and yes, even under $3! These items are perfect for a tradeshow, customer sales push or employee appreciation event that suddenly appeared on your to-do list.

Top 3 Products Under $10:

1. A tote that is small enough to stow anywhere and big enough to hold anything. Check out the RuMe Medium Tote for a modern design in a variety of colors.

2. You can’t go wrong with a top-quality cotton T. Imprint your message on Jerzees Heavyweight Blend 50/50 Cotton/Poly T-shirt.

3. Make an impact with a battery backup that keeps mobile devices charged. Give the Jolt Charger Powerbank that keeps giving back.

Top 3 Products Under $5:

1. Put your company logo in their hands when warm weather hits with the Trutti Frutti 25 oz Tritan Sport Bottle.

2. Want customers to take note of your brand? Offer them the Ambassador Bound JournalBook.

3. Wallet, coffee sleeve, workout wristband all in one - so many uses, so many ways to share your name. Check out the RuMe Cuff.

Top 3 Products Under $3:

1. Put your brand on the one item that goes everywhere with your customers. Imprint the silicone Snap Pocket Wallet that attaches to the back of a cell phone.

2. Freshen up your next direct mail campaign or trade show giveaway with a Mint Card of micromints.

3. You can’t go wrong with a pen. Check out the popular Javalina pen and stylus that comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

With more than 900,000 promotional products,
Studio Eleven is dedicated to helping you find the perfect promotional product to represent your company. Visit us online here or call our product specialist today at 877-634-3499.

How to Get Free Press for Your Company

Have you seen a story featuring your competitor on the front page of the local newspaper? Scratching your head wondering how you can gain some of that free press?

Tips You Should Consider

Journalists are always looking for a story, so feel free to pitch a story from your company. But first, there are few tips you should consider:

1. Tell a story. Don’t pitch an advertisement. Just as you tailor your marketing message to reach a target audience, you must also customize for pitching a story to the press. They don’t want to hear what is so great about your product, they want a story to tell.

2. Is your story new?
Make sure to highlight that this is the first time or that this information has not yet been released. The press loves to be the first to scoop a story.

3. Is your story unique, even a little weird in any way? Don’t think of this in a negative light. Nobody wants to hear the same old story. Your story must be unique if it is going to appeal to an audience. The press knows this.

4. Does is tug at heartstrings? A great human interest story, not necessarily highlighting your products but maybe featuring a regular customer, longtime employee or someone your company helped out, can tug at the heartstrings with your name attached.

5. Is it timely? If not, can you make it timely. The first thing a journalist will likely ask is, why should I care about this now? Think about how the story you want told affects the world around you and why they would care now.

And one final tip: if the press picks up your story, make sure your employees are wearing logowear branded with your company logo and name. The best way to get free press may be just a subtle logo appearance in a great story that grabs attention locally and beyond.

Branded clothing is a great way to build brand recognition. Contact a product specialist at Studio Eleven at 1-877-634-3499 for expert assistance in finding the best promotional product for your brand.

5 Safe and Cool Ways to Customize Your Safety Training Program

The mention of safety training and additional safety procedures may lead to sighs from employees. “It’s boring.” “It’s another step.”

How do you turn this negativity around? How do you get employees feeling passionate and engaged in safety?

Try these 5 tips to engage employees in safety:

1. Recognition. Emotion often drives behavior. Appeal to their emotions by offering praise and reward to specific employees who excel during the training and go the extra effort to help ensure all safety standards are put in place and followed.

2. Make it fun. Turn a portion of the training into a competition or game. Play a game, such as Wheel of Fortune or Trivial Pursuit, using safety terms or procedures at your training event. Brand a prize with your company logo, such as giving a company-branded lunch tote with restaurant gift card or mug with coffee shop gift card.

3. Begin a safety tip of the week lunch. As new safety procedures are put in place, have a safety recap meeting each week with a safety tip and lunch. Again, emotion often drives behavior, and most people love a free lunch.

4. Set team safety goals. Set safety goals for each department that they can work on together. Reward the team with a branded item, such as a company jacket, when they hit specific goals. It’s great way to help spread brand awareness while tying in employee teamwork and safety.

5. Brand your safety program. Develop a safety slogan and logo for your company to help keep the message of safety in front of employees at all times. Ear plugs, safety glasses and breakroom coffee mugs could all be imprinted with the safety slogan and logo.

Visit for a huge selection of safety products, mugs, apparel and many other promotional products. Let our product specialist help you find the perfect item to engage employees and spread your safety message.

How to Use Google to Find Exactly What You're Looking For

I bet you have conducted at least 1 of the more than 100 billion Google searches that happen every month. Do you know how many web pages are indexed on Google - 50 billion!

That’s a lot of information. So how do you ever find what you are looking for?

4 Quick Tips to Find What You are Searching for online

1. Start with the basics. Start with a simple search, such as ‘where can I buy mugs for the office?” And then add descriptive words, such as “where can I buy orange, branded mugs for the office?” Add a location, Ohio.

2. Choose words carefully.
Choose words you may find on a website, such as logowear and branded vs. employee jacket.

3. Don’t worry about the little things.
You can ignore spelling and capitalization, as Google automatically spell checks and uses the most common spelling. It also ignores uppercase.

4. Find quick answers. 
Google will also give you quick answers. Type in a math problem and it will solve it.  Type ‘define responsive’ and you’ll get a quick response.

Now just for fun, here are a few wacky Google stats from 2015:

   - State that uses Google the most - Utah

   - State that uses Google the least - Mississippi

   - Most searched topic in 2015 - Lamar Odom

   - Most searched politician - Donald Trump

   - Most searched recipe - pumpkin seed recipes

   - Number of Google engineers - 25,000

   - Number of code changes those engineers make daily - 45,000

   - Percent of users that Google themselves - 56%

With more than 900,000 promotional products, Studio Eleven is dedicated to helping you find the perfect promotional product to represent your company. Visit us online here or call our product specialist today at 877-634-3499.

Stress Relief: A Quick Tactic that Can Work For Anyone

Don’t let stress get the best of you. It’s a proven fact that stress can derail any project.

However, with the right stress relief tactic, you can train yourself to easily and quickly release stress before it slows down your productivity. Try a stress relief ball. It’s easy, convenient and can be kept right in your desk drawer.

What Stress Does To the Body

When feeling stressed, your body releases hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. It’s a burst of stress energy that causes muscle tension, an increase in blood pressure and other negative side effects.

By physically releasing that stress energy, whether through exercise or the simple act of squeezing and releasing a stress relief ball, your body relaxes and you feel less stress.

A Tactic That Can Work for Anyone

Have a big team project coming up? Equip the team with branded stress relief balls to show you are all in this together, through the ups and downs.

Encourage fellow employees to grab the stress relief ball as soon as they feel stress start to boil. They can begin to train their body to release stress early and often, before the team is off track.

A promotional products company such as Studio Eleven has a variety of designs, from smiley faces, globes and golf balls to denser, gel stress balls that can withstand any amount of stress.

Visit for a huge selection of stress relief balls, apparel and many other promotional products that can be imprinted with your company logo. Let our product specialist help you find the perfect item for employees, tradeshows and customer promotions.

Traveling Salesmen: What Branded Items to Give Your Sales Team

The life of a traveling salesman can be lucrative and adventurous, yet tiring and challenging.

Just like every job, it has its good and bad. While compensation and incentives can be rewarding, there is a downside when sales go down. And while traveling the world and experiencing new things can be exciting, it’s not so fun when you have to miss a family event.

Reward Your Traveling Team

Reward your hard-working sales team with branded items they can take on the road with them.

A travel time toiletry case or a comfort travel set are the perfect travel companions. The five-piece travel set includes a wrap case, inflatable neck pillow, an eye mask, earplugs and a travel alarm clock. The wrap case is kept securely closed by Velcro to hold all gift set components, and the clock includes a snooze feature.

Brand the items and you are also helping promote your company as your team travels.

Don’t Leave Town Without These

Don’t let your sales team leave town without a stash of pens, notebooks and travels mugs, all branded with your company name, logo and phone number. Not only will they want to use these items, but they can also leave behind with new and long-time customers.

The Javalina metallic stylus pen is a top seller offered in several vibrant metallic colors. The ergonomic styling, stylus tip and ballpoint pen makes this a highly desirable promotional pen.

Other recommendations from promotional product experts include the recycled paper notebook with a heavy cardboard cover made from recycled paper. This is the perfect travel companion and branded giveaway as it is made of tough construction and promotes being environmentally friendly.

Also make sure they leave with a good cup of joe in a branded travel mug. A stainless steel, double-wall thermal is perfect for coffee lovers and can be imprinted with your company name, logo and more to heighten brand exposure on a product that will get plenty of use.

With more than 900,000 promotional products, Studio Eleven is dedicated to helping you find the perfect promotional product to represent your company. Visit us online here or call our product specialist today at 877-634-3499.

4 Ways to Promote Your Business During March Madness

Did you know March Madness has generated approximately $7.5 billion in television advertising since 2005, with $1.13 billion brought in last year?

Ever wonder how your business can capitalize on the tournament hype?

4 Ways Your Business Can Join in March Madness

1. Your own bracket. Host your own fun tournament bracket for employees. Not only does this help increase employee engagement and spirit, the winner could get a great gift, such as a branded jacket or mini basketball hoop for his or her office.

2. Give back to the community. Use March Madness to promote giving back to community. As you and employees follow the tournament, also designate each week of March for a specific cause that benefits the community. For example, make your Week 1 pick include a canned food drive for the local food pantry.

3. Involve your customers in the fun. This is great time to give away fun branded items, such as basketball-shaped stress balls imprinted with your logo.

4. Host a March Madness event. Plan a customer appreciation event or employee gathering themed around March Madness. This makes for a relaxed, fun atmosphere to gain customer and employee engagement. Add to it a fun promotional item, such as a sports stress relief ball.

Need help planning the fun? Studio Eleven specializes in working with clients to match their event, customers or employees with the best promotional product at the right price. Contact us today at 877-634-3499!

The New Flash Drive is Here...and it Fits in Your Wallet

Take out your flash drive and look at it. 

Is it the standard stick at 16G? Is it the newest slim credit card drive that easily slides in your wallet? Or is it a novelty piece, such as in the shape of piece of sushi or a Barbie? (yes, those do exist!).

USB flash drives have come along way. Remember the original floppy disc?

Test your flash knowledge:

 - What does USB stand for? Universal Serial Bus, and the ‘flash’ in the full name of the USB drive means the USB writes to flash memory.
 - How old is the USB flash drive? It was invented in April 1999 by three men at the Israeli company M-System.
 - Who sold the first flash drive in the U.S.? I.B.M.,in late 1999
 - How much storage did the first models hold? 8 megabytes
 - What is the largest flash drive on the market to date? The Kingston 1 terabyte at nearly $1,000. It can hold over a hundred million pages of documents and transfers data at speeds of a 160-240 megabytes per second.

Is your flash drive up to par with today’s techies?

Before you flash your flash drive, have you checked out the latest designs. A hot seller today is the Slim Credit Card Flash Drive, both functional and versatile.

Made of out of durable ABS plastic, this multi-function flash drive is the size of credit card. It features a rubberized stylus ideal for tablets, iPhones and iPads, with the USB feature tucked on the side.

Available in a variety of GB sizes, the Slim Credit Card Flash Drive can easily be carried in a purse, pocket or wallet.

Brand this item with your company logo, upload your sales proposal and leave behind for a client. Not only will your client appreciate the gift, they’ll see your company as tech-savvy, progressive, and oh yeah, you just left your sales proposal at their fingertips.

Promotional products are a great way to make a positive impression on your clients and build brand loyalty. Contact a product specialist at Studio Eleven at 1-877-634-3499 to find the best promotional products for your brand.

The Ultimate Spring Season Promotional Ideas

Buyer habits change with the seasons, just like a wardrobe.

Research shows businesses should be prepared for seasonal changes. From sales and marketing strategy to the promotional products you give to customers, play to the weather and shopping habits.
-   Warm weather inspires shopping as buyers’ minds and bodies are ready to emerge from dreary days.
-   Spring means shopping ahead. Many shoppers immediately start to think of summer, so promote products with summer weather messages.
-   Mobile gets hotter too. People are outdoors, away from computers so more shopping occurs on mobile devices.

Hot Promotional Items for You this Spring

        - Sunglasses: Inspire spring and summer fever in your customers with promotional products. Fun neon sunglasses can be imprinted with a product name, event name or logo to gain brand exposure. 

        - Collapsible Cooler: A customized, collapsible cooler could be the perfect promotional product to give a new or satisfied, retainer customer as you wish them a fun-filled summer.

        - SPF Sunscreen and Lip Balm Combo: A convenient, hand-held SPF sunscreen and lip balm combo could be imprinted with your company logo and a safety message. This could be a handy give-away at any customer event from spring throughout summer.

How Promo Products Inspire Action

Do promotional products work? If you are looking to increase sales and brand awareness, then “yep, they work.”

Studies show 59% of consumers had a more favorable view of a brand after receiving a promotional product. A whopping 85% did business with a brand whom they received a promo item from!

Next Question: Why do They Work?

The top 5 reasons why people love promo products and why they work, according to a study by the Promotional Products Association International, are:

1. They Are Useful

The Sticky Note. At some point, everyone needs one. Whether writing a quick to-do at home or to mark a page in a work file, sticky notes will never go away. Logo a standard 3X3 adhesive notepad and your name is sure to end up on your customer’s office desk or home desk.

2. They Are Desirable

A gift tray with travel mugs and snacks allows you to logo the travel mugs and spread your brand, while also giving your customer a gift to enjoy. Whether chocolate-covered peanuts, jelly beans or pistachios, you are sure to find something your customers will love.

3. They Are Attractive

How about a modern, moisture-wicking pullover that is comfortable, functional and in style? A ladies ¼-zip pullover with a textured look, slight drop tail hem and thumbholes gives it a very modern feel so your customer will want to wear it sporting your company name.

4. They Are Fun

Bring the party with a light show Bluetooth speaker. The eye-catching and head-banging product will satisfy the needs of all music lovers while also dazzling with a wild LED light show. Customize with your company logo and turn up the volume at the next giveaway or corporate outing.

5. They Engage All Senses

Promotional products can appeal to all five senses -- hearing, smelling, touching, tasting and seeing -- and engage your customers. An advertisement in print or on a television screen can’t do this! Whether a warm mug steaming with their favorite coffee or a flashlight they use at home or in their workshop, your customers have a hands-on item with your name and logo right in front of them.

Studies show promotional products work, but only if you are giving your customers products that appeal to them and inspire them to do business with you. Need assistance finding that right product? Studio Eleven is here to help. Contact us today!

Wacky Pen Facts and A Great Office Joke

Have a promotional pen at your desk? at your home? buried in your car console?

Nearly everyone has a promotional pen somewhere. The majority of companies give them out at some point. Most consumers will gladly accept and use a “good” branded pen.

Key point: “good.”

When choosing a pen to brand for your company, select a top quality pen such as the Textari Stylus Pen that writes smoothly and has dual function as a touchscreen stylus and ballpoint pen. If it becomes your client’s favorite pen, they will use it daily, have a special place for it and may even guard it.

Get your company name on that pen. Enough said.

Now, how about some wacky pen facts:

 - June 10th is Ballpoint Pen Day! Celebrate with your co-workers.
 - An average person in the U.S. uses 4.3 pens annually.

 - A ballpoint pen has a lifespan of about 50,000 words.
 - The most expensive pen in the world cost $8 million. Along with its divine shape, it’s decorated with 945 black diamonds    and 123 rubies.
 - You can learn about the history of pen making at the Pen Museum in Birmingham, England.
 - When offered a new pen, 97% of people will first write their name.

And a little office humor to share:

Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Officer asks a young engineer fresh out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "And what starting salary are you looking for?" The engineer replies, "In the region of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package."

The interviewer inquires, "Well, what would you say to a package of five weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every two years, say, a red Corvette?" The engineer sits up straight and says, "Wow! Are you kidding?" The interviewer replies, "Yeah, but you started it."


Want help finding the perfect promotional pen to give to your clients? Contact a product specialist at Studio Eleven at 1-877-634-3499 for help selecting the best promotional products for your brand.

Engage All 5 Senses with Promo Products

Does a radio commercial or print advertisement engage and connect your customers beyond the 15-second spot or glimpse? Why not spend advertising dollars on hands-on items that engage them and make a lasting impression.

73% of consumers use promotional products weekly and 85% of consumers did business with an advertiser after receiving a promo item. Why do they work? The No.1 reason: they are useful!

Promotional products are a great form of advertising that engages your audience because they are using the item firsthand. Find a promotional product that engages one or more of your customers’ five senses.


The Zoom Wrap offers both great sounding earbuds and cord management for easy access to any webinar or campaign. Imprint your logo on the wrap, which easily clips to pockets, waistbands or bags. Make a sound decision by giving your customers one of these.


A mug that keeps your daily cup of joe warm and fresh is just what customers need. Find the perfect mug, whether stainless steel, ceramic or plastic, and customers will take your name and message with them each day.


A polycanvas tote bag is ideal for conventions or daily shopping. Bags come in a variety of colors and sizes. Imprint your logo and watch your customers grab and tote this bag around all day!


Food always grabs attention and appeals to an audience. Provide a luncheon napkin bearing your brand at an upcoming banquet or event to take advantage of an opportunity to engage an audience.


Shine some light on your business with a flashlight. An easy to carry and powerful flashlight is something everyone needs at some point in time. Keep your customers out of the dark and customize with your company name and logo.

Create a custom product that engages your customers and is something they can use over and over again. With more than 900,000 products, contact a Studio Eleven product specialist to find the right product for your customers.